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I grew up in a house of Botanists and other forms of plant scientists;  my childhood was filled with books of botanic illustrations, hanging out at universities, in labs, going to conferences, going to the zoo only to have my dad show us the 'exciting' plants. Even though as a kid I was hesitant and sometimes even outwardly opposed to learning about and observing plants, it has become very clear that these influences actually have had a huge impact on my interests and now, my artistic practice.     

I had previously used the influence of historic botanic illustration as a method and format in my masters project but it was only while working on Entwined where I fully explored botanic illustration.


Only very recently in my practice have I begun to work with and explore colour. I have entered a whole new world of discovery and have become enamoured with natural hues, particularly the often  muted tones which occur in Australian flora.

The works below are mostly sketches and initial explorations around which I hope to develop a larger body of work. 

It’s a bit of an obsession.jpg
Little treasures brought home for close
More treasures...more studies.jpg
And then came...jpg
Bush walk treasures make the best subjec
For Dad _jopefacelli who sat with me pat
Sun and rain _rain and sun_Oh Melbourne!
🎵Chain chain chaaaain...🎶 I know I sho
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